Webinars bouwmaterialen van de toekomst

Webinars bouwmaterialen van de toekomst

25 maart 2021

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Korting voor leden van natureplus en VIBE. Om lid te worden van natureplus: contacteer EOS. 


Hardly any other topic is as associated with the idea of the future as construction. At the same time, energy consumption and resource use in construction are anything but sustainable: Half of the total energy consumption is already used up when moving into a conventional new building, if a 50-year operating life is assumed. 50 percent of the total waste produced in Germany is construction and demolition material.

With the natureplus web seminar series "Building Materials of the Future", we take a look at the building materials of tomorrow. Building materials of the future must provide a holistic answer to the question of sustainability: they should be durable, produced with the least possible use of energy and raw materials, reusable or recyclable to a high standard, and free of harmful substances.

Together with experts from the scientific community, we will shed light on versatile materials and innovative building product solutions. Architects will show with concrete application examples how climate and resource-friendly and thus sustainable building can already be done today. In addition to wood, brick and clay as versatile "classics", fascinating "newcomers" such as bamboo, secondary building materials and other surprising building materials will be discussed. Each web seminar is dedicated in detail to one of these building materials. Three dates will be held in German and three in English.

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